Mobile Development Environment (MDE)


Miura’s Mobile Development Environment (MDE) provides a set of modules and functions that allow smart devices (mobile phones, tablets etc) to communicate with Miura’s secure payment devices and Point of Sale (POS) hubs.

MDE has been developed to streamline and accelerate integration times for partners who are using Miura devices as part of their payment solution. Miura provides full access to MDE documentation, binaries and source code to allow extensive solution customisation.

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MDE provides a suite of libraries developed for the target platform which remove the need for detailed knowledge of the payment process. It includes drop-in libraries for easy solution integration as well as full SDK source code.

MDE is available in Java and iOS and can be used on smart devices running Android, iOS and Windows.

An overview of MDE can be seen below:




Extensive payment interface

Built upon Miura’s Core API, MDE provides extensive libraries covering all key functions required for a classic payment solution, including EMV transaction processing, device connectivity, host communication and key management. Used in conjunction with the example application, developers can quickly understand and utilise these libraries in their own development project. Using MDE you can simplify even the most complex of payment integrations


Open architecture

Easy integration and a true cross-platform solution for Android, iOS or Windows environments. Ideal for omni-channel and cloud-POS, as well as for traditional POS solutions


Open source

Flexibility to use source libraries where necessary to develop solutions to meet the specific needs of each payment project. This approach removes dependencies on Miura resources and optimises timelines to deliver tailored implementations


Developer friendly

Delivered through an easy to use and extensive array of target platform libraries, MDE empowers developers to build best in class solutions without getting caught up in the complexity of secure payment functions.