Java Application Development Environment (JADE)


Miura’s Java Application Development Environment (JADE) has been designed to allow partners to develop stand-alone payment and value-added service applications that run directly on its M020 series devices (M020 and M021).

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JADE streamlines and accelerates development of customized payment solutions by providing an abstracted functional framework with highly accessible programming which eliminates the need for proprietary platform knowledge. It also allows developer access to an extensive library of source-code functionality.

An overview of JADE can be seen below:


JADE incorporates the following main components:

  • Optimised platform JVM and full source code for Java SDK framework and sample application

  • PC-based IDEA development environment for coding and debug

  • Extensive on-line test environment covering example transactions, configuration and key management.

It also demonstrates all main features of Miura device including key injection.



Extensive payment interface

Using JADE you can confidently build and personalize stand-alone payment applications that leverage the vast array of Miura security and payment kernel certifications. All of this development is undertaken on a globally proven and certified platform


Certified payment kernels

The unique architectural approach of JADE ensures you can seamlessly incorporate all core scheme certifications such as American Express, Discover, Interac, JCB, MasterCard, UnionPay and Visa as well as support for all major mobile wallet and NFC services


Open source

JADE has been developed with a unique architecture that allows partners to control all aspects of the application interface, streamlining development times by providing full source code for sample applications and supporting Java SDK libraries


Developer friendly

Benefit from PC-based IDEA development environment for coding and debug as well as developer-centric online documentation and libraries. Process transactions through cloud-based test host

Other key aspects of JADE include:

  • JVM runs Java 8 standard

  • Supported IDE - IntelliJ & Gradle

  • Build provided for Windows 10 PC environment

  • Development and debugging via PC with simulated M020 terminal environment

  • Access to host system with JSON/REST interface for test and demo purposes.